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This website designed by Robert Barnes – Owner – AVC Hosting and Design.

Get a $1000.00 web site for $200.00

So how does that work?

Great value is what you get, Now days web sites are automated – push button technology is here.

Advantage to you – Low Cost – easy management – log in, make changes, click save – your done!

You get full service – 24/7 tech support and reliable service.


Of course, there are options, want to be found at the top of the search results for your city in your business category when some one searches for your city name and your kind of business?

This is called SEO – this stands for Search Engine Optimization – I can help you with that in 2 ways.

#1. I can tell you exactly what to do to get there.

#2. I can do it all for you.


Hosting cost per month – $10.00

Want an example of my work? Your looking at it - This website.

Working with a few design ideas this site was done in a few days.

Call me NOW and lets talk websites.

No mumbo jumbo you can’t understand, just the straight scoop.

Seriously, call now! Business hrs 9:00 am to 11:00 PM 7 days a week.


I will answer as NCW-Online – my local internet service business name in Wenatchee WA.

Just say you are interested in a web site and I’ll give you the details.

Your website can be online in 30 minutes in basic form. Then the design will be developed as I work with you

<——————/ Sponsorship offer /——————>

If you are a Racer or Race Track Owner sponsored websites are available to you for no cost on a promotional trade basis.

Racers run my stickers – Race tracks allow banner space on your site and a sign board at the track for AVC Hosting & Web Design.

If you are a Racer click here for details. Track owners call and lets talk.

Robert Barnes
AVC Hosting