What is the Outlaw Compact Auto Racing touring series?

The Outlaw Compact Auto Racing series is made up of a group of competitive racing teams that use 4 cylinder compact to mid-size type cars, both domestic and foreign manufacturers.   The cars themselves are a basic stock type of chassis with various modifications allowed for performance and reliability.  The 4 cylinder engines used are basic stock blocks with internal modification, again for reliability and performance.  The cars also utilize many of the safety features available to the racing community, such as Fuel Cells, Hans Devices, Fire Retardant Racing Suits, and Two Way Radio Communication between drive and pit crew, just to name a few .

Racing at this level is not a money making proposition.  Something more important brings the racing teams back event after event … the community and family environment that the Outlaw Compact teams promote.  You can see fierce completion on the track, and then in the pits, let one of the teams need a part or assistance in getting back on the track, and you will see everyone pitching in to lend a hand.   Most are racing using their own financial resources, with some small assistance from sponsors, and the winnings going back into team to help cover the expenses.

This is a traveling series that really calls no individual track their home track.  The teams enjoy traveling and visiting a wide variety of asphalt tracks throughout the racing season.  These tracks include everything from the tight 1/4 mile, mid 3/8 mile, to the larger 1/2 and 5/8 mile speedways.  These track are located throughout the North Western United States in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.  Our racing teams come primarily from the same area with the addition of a team or two from Montana and British Columbia, Canada.

The rules have been developed over several years and with input from all the teams, and are designed to make racing as affordable and competitive as possible and yet build a race car that is truly a racing machine.

The Outlaw Compacts, known and often referred to affectionately as OCAR, is not only one of the most competitive series in the North West, it is also the original touring 4 cylinder compact traveling series in the North West.  In the Western Auto Racing Promoters Association meeting a couple years ago, OCAR was tagged “The Best Series That No One Knows About”.  OCAR Board Members and Official attending that meeting took that as a challenge to set out an raise the awareness of OCAR.  This has been quite successful in building a good base of competitors as well as a great relationship with the Promoters of the Racing Facilities in the North West.

OCAR has also set a high priority on giving to the racing fan, and the general community alike.  You will often see a OCAR driver , crew, or official stopping to talk to a Junior Fan, lifting them up to see or even sit in a race car.  Those smiles are such a big reward.  As well, OCAR has been active in participating in community events i.e. the Everett, Washington Children’s Museum car show and open house, giving up their own Father’s Day to make the children smile.

So if you sense a bit of Pride in being an Outlaw Compact participant, you are right on.  OCAR takes great pride in who and what we are.  Check out the schedule tab and come out to see an OCAR event soon. You will not be disappointed.