83 Jim Perry


Time-In-A-Box Preservation Company
Sentimental Preservation by Simone
Blood Enterprises
Sign Stop Northwest

RACE CAR : 82 Ford Mustang
CREW : Adam Brumley

My major sponsor Blood Enterprises has built some awesome engines for me which was instrumental in my first Outlaw Compact Championship in 2009 and a close 2nd in 2010.  Sign Stop Northwest always provides great graphics and sometimes a mysterious bonus shows up just for fun. Dale Roberts of Pegasus Enterprises has helped out through the years with my chassis setups and repairs. Thanks to you all as none of this would have been possible without your help.

Bio: I have been with the Outlaw Compacts for about 16 years and this club has aged well. I enjoy the challenges of the different tracks we travel to and look forward every year to the first race. I have had the pleasure of having my son-in-law to rely on as my crew chief for the past 2 years and he has been a huge help at the track.

2009 Outlaw Compacts Champion

2010 2nd Place Points

2011 Outlaw Compacts Champion

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